Want to know a secret?

I design, deliver and project manage large scale redundancy programmes and I’m not an evil person.

How so?

• I only work with clients who have a genuine need to carry it out.
•I design the programme in a way that is fair and ethical and the least risk to the business.
• I ensure the programme is delivered in a respectful way.
• I work with selected associates who deliver employee reps training, redundancy training for line managers and outplacement support to employees to ensure the wrap around elements of the programme are in place and delivered to the highest standard.

Redundancy can have a huge impact on the employee and I ensure my clients never lose sight of that.

If you would like to get rid of someone who has always been a nightmare, best ask someone else about it. However, if you are worried about furlough ending and how your business will survive without reducing your headcount and you would like information on how to scope a fair redundancy programme, please drop me a note.

All enquiries will be handled in complete confidence.

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